Monday, August 21, 2006

It Begins

1st week of advanced med-surg!

This vacation was some of the best days ever for me. You know when you are really thirsty, and you savor something so much, it actually tastes different? This was my vacation. It is not that anything spectacular happened. But, I must say that at time not looking at my watch was an amazing feeling! I am centered once again, which I have missed in myself..

And, like a good, motivated student, I have already read this week's lecture notes. It is a full week, meeting Tue,Wed, and for lecture. The regular lecture schedule will start next week, meeting only Fridays. We shall have clinicals on Tues-Wed's for 12 hours. I am at another local hospital...funny, several of my "Hospital A" nurse employees have migrated to there as well, so I am sure to see some of them in my travels.
ON another note, this time work, my hospital has no moved me to an 11a-11p schedule on the weekends from my 7a-7p, noting that I filled a position of a person who was "variable." (they never told me this when I took the position.) The only thing that miffs me a little is the communication breakdown when I took her position over a year ago, and now they use their trump card to fill a hole in their schedule. I don't think I mind the schedule, esp. since they do let me work every weekend around my nursing schedule.

We also had a very bad accident this weekend. Five people in a very small car, tire blew on the highway, multiple rollovers and ejections, and so many helicopters used on scene we got 2 of the patients because we were close-hospital. Normally this would not occur. The one really bad patient, a woman, was not seatbelted, and surprise, she was one ejected. Closed head injury. Stabilized and finally flown to higher trauma center. The prognosis is poor. Then, I understand, only 2 people in the car had seatbelts, 2 adults! Two kids also did not have seatbelts on, and they were 6 & 10 y/o! It still amazes me that people in this day do not use seatbelts. At LEAST for their children! I believe one child has died so far. You know, I almost want to say, "I am really sorry for your loss, it is a horrible time for you, but you should be charged with manslaughter."


Blogger Student Nurse Jack said...

My vacation comes to a screeching halt next week. We have a packet due for our Adult Health Nursing class, and I'm finishing that up. I can totally relate to your "I did nothing big but this vacation has been wonderful" statement. I'm savoring going to bed when I want, reading what I want, and hanging with the kids without feeling like I have mountains of studying to do instead.

Work sounds insane. How do you juggle that with school, home improvement projects, and staying healthy/sane?

8:43 AM  
Blogger Prisca said...

oh wow--how horrible about the accident and the kids w/o sb's! geez, people! that makes me mad, too!

i have my stuff read and i start tomorrow w/ lecture--next week w/ clinical. glad you had a good break--GL w/ school this week! :)

12:10 PM  
Blogger Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I can totally relate to your frustration regarding the non-use of seatbelts. I think that 1rst degree should be looked at. You have to consciously NOT buckle your kids nowadays. That takes forethought. Maybe a little harsh, but to save a child do whatever it takes..

9:36 PM  

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