Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Intentions

  • I intend to lose 10 more lbs on my Nutrisystem diet
  • I intend to read all lecture readings prior to lecture, like I am supposed to.
  • I intend to return to meditation every day and honor myself as well with the study of dharma.
  • I intend to become more mindful and spread more compassion.
  • I intend to look for a new job at a new place-maybe something that starts very soon!
  • I intend to study more intently than I have other semesters.
  • I intend to release myself from past pain and anger from my "former life" that thwarts my current life progress.
  • I intend to live my life with more vitality and health!

Anyone else want to play along? (I will visit your blogs to see! :-) )


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