Monday, March 13, 2006

The Weather is Getting Better

The sun is shining, it is warming up, and:
  1. The kids are getting onto the trampolines.
  2. The adults are getting onto the trampolines.
  3. The kids are getting into the water.
  4. Kids are getting onto the scooters they got for Christmas.
  5. Every biker is heading home from Bike Week Daytona.
  6. Gardeners are pulling weeds.
  7. Men are tuning up the chain saws.

Do you see where I am going with this?

So, please please please:

  1. Watch your kids on the trampolines. Don't keep them out of your sight. The minute you don't, they'll figure "Now is the time we can do the really fun tricks." =Obvious wrist fractures, elbow dislocations.
  2. Adults. You don't belong on trampolines. Our days of fun are over. Refer to #1 only.
  3. Test the depth of the water. NOT, "Weeeeee, there's the ocean, let's dive in!!!= Obvious wrist fracture, elbow dislocations, humerus fractures, cervical spine fractures.
  4. Helmets. WRIST GUARDS. Plastic bubble would be nice.
  5. Helmets. Awareness of surroundings (older people with less peripheral vision in their vehicles).= Greatest number of motorcycle deaths in Hx of Daytona Bike week.
  6. Wear gloves. Even for that weed you hav- no-idea-what-it-is-and-was-just-walking-into the-house-not-gardening.= thorny barbs in hands, allergic reactions.
  7. Assume the blade is dull. Do not use chainsaws with dull blades. =an hour (at least) and 2-3 laceration kits/greater than 20 sutures.

Today was obvious fracture day. Move straight onto OR, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Do not eat or drink anything until the MD tells you you can. This little boy, 6 y/o with a R wrist, was such a trooper....never cried or anything when I applied the temporary splint. I then got to apply, what reminds of this toy:

Remember these? Inflate them and play "boxing"? Or, beat up your brother or sister, and get away with it? The hospital's version is for post-splinting so that the person in their sleep doesn't move their arm. With the universal size, this poor little boy was engulfed by this thing. He didn't mind, though. Narcotics are a good thing.