Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Vacation...All I Ever Needed"

Can't you hear the Go Go's now?

This is the end of my Spring Break week (4 days), but aah, what a lovely fours days it has been! I go back to work tomorrow for 3 days, so I don't count it in. I managed to catch up on only things I wanted to catch up on....

I have been "tagged" by Student Nurse Jack" to play, so here goes (and it couldn't come at a better time.....tiiiime, is on my side, yes it is.....

  • 4 Jobs I have had in my life: 1.Well, the longest is, tadaa, professional bowler. (see bio). Toppermost of the bowlingmost. See "A League of ordinary Gentlemen" which just came out on DVD, as a documentary of people I know personally and to get it taste of what it was like for me..... 2. Before that, I worked in a bowling center as a marketing director. How boring for me, but I got lots of free practice time! 3. Gas station attendant. In the box. 4. A&P Supermarket checkout girl. In the day when scanning was only a dream...
  • 4 movies I could watch over & over: 1. "A League of Their Own" Takes place in Rockford, IL, AKA home of womens' professional bowling. 2. Wizard of Oz. Never miss it. 3. Sound of Music. Every Christmas. It is tradition. 4. Field Of Dreams. Been there, too. If they built, I came to Iowa, and also did the cornmaze.
  • 4 Websites I visit Daily: 1. I just love her artistry and her wit! 2. I am sucker/lurker on the message board. They are just so entertaining in the b*itching and moaning! 3. Various RN and medic/physician blogs. 4.My WebCT and Blackboard at the 2 schools which I attend to get the latest info for class.
  • 4 Favorite Foods:1. The spiciest Thai, not "American hot" either! 2. Indian 3. Taco Bell Bean (only) Gorditas Supreme. 4. Pasta with Pesto.
  • 4 Places I would rather be right now. 1.Breckenridge CO facing Peak 9. 2. At the top of a climb in Cottonwood at sunset (Outside Las Vegas) 3. Appalacian Trail. 4. Campground riverside at Nantahala Outdoor Center (North Carolina) All 4 of these with my husband.
  • 4 Most wonderful Places I have been:1. Facing a crowd of same-suits getting of a train at 0900 in Asakusa Station in Tokyo. 2.Grand Canyon. 3. Las Vegas sunsets...any of them. 4. Colorado Trail in Spring in a valley with all colors of wildflowers in bloom.
  • 4 Books I could read over & over: 1. 8 Traits of Champion Golfers. 2. Any of my Tricycle magazines (Buddhism review) 3. Steps of Happiness, Dalai Lama. 4. Training A Tiger (Woods)
  • 4 Songs I could Listen to every Day: 1. Anything by Yo yo Ma. 2. Bridge Over Troubled Water. 3. Somewhere over the Rainbow, Israel "Izzy". 4. Daniel by Elton John.
  • 4 Reasons I blog: 1. Writing for me is always therapeutic. 2.I enjoy the process of thinking something through. 3.It generally is a great community of people who blog, and we are all connected in some way. I like being part of the tree. 4.I think in my heart that no one reads these posts, but my head tells me there are some lurkers out there!
  • 4 People to Tag to do the Same:1. Corina from Corinabeads. 2.The Underwear Drawer. 3. Emergiblog 4.Mr. Hassle's Long Underpants. Hopefully thay have not already been tagged! LOL!