Thursday, April 27, 2006

My little way of studying...

I do not recommend this for the "normal" nursing student.

I am currently knee-deep in the memorization of lab values. The important ones. For a test on Monday.

How to commit them to memory? It seems as though in key moments in the semester, I have had to put some personalization on my studying. Chest tubes/pre-op/post-op care=my husband (earlier in the semester). CHF (mother in Law's symptoms.)

Now it is my turn. In my attempts to give away my A+ blood today at the blood bank, I was turned away. My H&H is too low for them. I am currently anemic.

So, I begin to ask myself some questions and formulate some assessments (can't help myself.) Wow, YES I have been pale and tired for, like a month now. More than normal. Pale, I was beginning to think was my normal color (well, at least I won't wrinkly when other women my age are beginning.) No, it is not my favorite, special "time of the month." No, I am not pregnant (hmm..well I am due for my special "time of the month" in the next few days.) I am not eating as well as I could, but lately I have been eating a lot more spinach and the healthy husband claims this is because there is just nothing in the house that is bad for me. I quit the Diet Cokes a week ago...back to only water and Soymilk. Been eating more Soy since my female yearly exam about 2 weeks ago.

Now, my GP is moving his practice to the local VA, and we have to find a new GP/FP. I am tempted to ala cart a blood test or two at my work (local hospital...Diagnostics lab) just to see what is going on, because my new, "hello, nice to meet you new doctor" isn't until Thursday next week.

Any ideas? (and, yes, I plan on hitting the broccoli and raisins hard the next week or so to see if my symptoms improve, but this will be hard to gauge based on the fact the semester is winding down and I will have more time on my hands for...sleep.)

Monday, April 24, 2006

First semester winding down

I am studying for my final practical skills test tomorrow, and I am pretty comfortable, so it is an early night for me to be able to relax and do some more "fun" things...Podcast updates, emails, purchase my Psych book for Summer A. My husband is currently in the other room shootenemup XBox 360-style. This after a day where I was stressed over 2005 Taxes. yes, I turned in my tax info to my accountant over 2 months ago, and after I spoke through his secretary on Monday the 17th, inquiring for the 5th time in 3 weeks when my return would be ready, I find out he hasn't finished it and will be filing us an extension. I have no problem with this. What I have a problem with is the logistics of my student loans for the start of the summer semester.

So, now it is another week later, and he STILL doesn't have them done! Says they will be done "tomorrow." Does anyone know who I can complain to in the state of Florida? There are some serious issues of irresponsibility happening here. The thing that sucks is that when I had a corporationg, which I started with him about 7 years ago, there weren't any problems. he has worked for us well over 7 years. Now I tell him to close the corporation as of 12/31/2005, and now there is a time problem. Go figure.

So, there is my rant. I know, not nursing related. Nursing related, I start Psych in Summer A, which I am looking forward to. Not because I am a headcase, but because I have always been so interested in the mind anyway. We get some pretty cool clinicals, and the instructor is fashioning my clinical schedule around my one bowling tournament in June! How great is THAT!

Last test next Monday-reproduction and acid base-my friend. Final the week after. I am (hopefully) then going part time at work, and it will be some semblance of a life, at least on Fridays.