Thursday, June 01, 2006

What memories it drags up

.....When you have your psych lectures and clinicals.

Hadn't thought about this in years, so here goes.

This person was my first HUGE crush.....

Shaun Cassidy.

Sunday nights. "Disney" on ABC (because we only HAD 5 stations on the TV). OMG! I hope it is a "Hardy Boys" night, and not a "Nancy Drew" night. Nobody could tear me away from that 9" B&W television! Got all the records, all the Tiger Beats...

"Da Doo Ron the fast forward direction to the present day! LOL! I actually looked up online what has happened to him recently, and found some photos. I should have stuck with this photo memory. And, no, this is NOT my autographed copy. I should have been so lucky.

Maybe I am exercising some demons through this Psych class.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Honoring the Dead

Zen Haiku by Natsume Soseki:

Crazy butterfly
Flirting with flowers
Honoring the dead

My body is very sore this morning. We worked a code yesterday in ICU for over 30 minutes. The compression team consisted of me and one little girl from respiratory (who weighs all of about 110lbs). Nobody else offered to jump in. So here we were, doing our best with the new BLS standards. Compressions at 100/minute at the proper depth can kick your butt. At one point, one of the 2-doc team praises me for my compressions saying I "must've had my Wheaties this morning." Needle decompressions, chest tubes in, compressions all the while, Epis, Atropines. No luck. Poor guy. Only 50.
This day, as I study (catch up) my Pharm and Statistics, I cannot but help think of this man and his family, and what they have lost. My pain is so minimial compared to all who have sacrificed, and many who have much more than my physical pain to deal with.
So, I hope on this Memorial Day that you, too, have moments throughout the day where you stop and honor those who are gone from us.