Friday, July 28, 2006

Say it Aint' So

Oh Floyd. You are innocent until proven guilty with me. I also stood by Tyler until the very end, too. But, look where that landed him..

We are in a strange world: some sports have no drug testing whatsoever (bowling and others.) In a perfect world the press leaves your mom alone. I saw her on the news this morning. It is very sad, very sad indeed to involve your family in this, a sorry, inevitable thing.

My heart sank with the news. We also understand how much the world just plain dislikes Americans, in so many arenas.

I am not even going to go with the "what ifs." I can only sit and wait to hear about "test B."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

If It's Not Written..

I had my final OB clinical yesterday. The early morning before I arrived there was a fetal demise. I am not going to get into to many (HIPAA hippo) details, but the situation is not good for anyone. The chart is a mess, and the hospital and its players may face some stiff penalties.

In front of my clinical instructor, the NM states to another,"We may have to call those involved back in to add late entries to the chart....'fix things up.'" Yadyada. My clinical instructor is the sweetest, calmest lady ever. It seems a lot to get her rattled; when she says "I am upset..." then my reaction in the same situation would be..."Whaa the nfouivht8gny0475g[******pivjhdas!!! (at the top of my volume threshold) But, for her, it was in post conference for us students:

(calm, quiet voice) "OK there is something I want to make clear that you never. never. never. never. never. Want to do. You never change the chart after the fact. You chart very detailed at the beginning, and then there is no mistake about events and how they occurred. I have always been chastised for writing too much by other nurses, but if you don't write it down, it never happened. The chart, once again, is a legal document." She also added to stay as clear as we can from hospital/job politics and the 'mob mentality' and bickering by focusing on our patients. Such wise advice.

There was more, but I don't want to share many details. I had a sick stomach with this all day. Th nurse I shadowed (the followup nurse taking care of mom after the fact) had a sick stomach with this as well. So, we learned from others mistakes and "what NOT to do" on this day, rather than what TO do....

Monday, July 24, 2006

Scholarship Update

See July 20 post below for the nuts & bolts to this story, but here's the update...

So, I got "The Call" today, and just as I expected....full scholarship w/strings. Up to $4000 per year for 2 years. Amazing. Got the contract in hand; faxed to me this afternoon. Now, I am still on the fence, so I can use some more opinions out there on this one. No news from any other scholarships yet. I think Hospital "A" kinda knows how to work the system and gets their paws into the game early to dangle that giant carrot on the possible recipients. My Big Meeting Day is tentatively scheduled for August 1. I am hoping for the ER of course. My ER, where I work. This would give me the chance to certainly get my feet wet. My DH and I have lots to talk about....

Oh, and I got an "90" on the first test of the next 2 weeks in test down, 4 to go....

Final stretch

2 weeks: 5 tests, including 3 finals, 1 group project.

The, 16 days ....of FREEDOM!!!!!!! Minus four days in there of work days =12 whole days of whatever I want! Not much of a Summer vacation compared to you 4-year SN's, but, hey, oh well.

I will charge ahead like, like....Floyd in Stage 19 at the time trial. OMG, hard this weekend at work with that one. They don't have OLN TV on that cable system, but I snuck onto online to the OLN website for minute by minute updates, then called home for a post-game analysis from the DH. I was floating for about 10 minutes, until my next foley was needed for a patient, then it was back to work again. Nobody understood my smiles. Floyd worked so hard and so smart. What a champion! Enough of my gushing already.

Should hear about that dang scholarship from hospital "A" today...I will let you know. Found out this weekend that a 6 mo internship is SOP there for GN's anyway, and then you have to promise 2 -3 years anyway, so this is another argument. The one that hired me into my current position is gunning for me to stay in the dept. She told me to call her Tue so she can hound our dept. head....