Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What I do doing storms...

Ernesto is bearing down on us Central Floridians. I have 2 days off from nursing school. To warm my brain up, I started playing with the design of my blog, so here are the results.

What do you think?

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Little Eden

This is a shed. No, really.No, it's a glass studio. No, not at the moment. It is now my study/library. Well, sometimes. It also poses as a laundry and a meditation area. Here's a peek inside: I have a little couch. I find studying much easier on a couch, laying down all the time.

And, that bookcase over there houses ALL nursing, paramedic, and my "special" books...those which I might read while lounging in my quiet. I found within the past months of nursing school it is really imposssible for me to study at my desk in the house. too much noise coming from the XBox, and heavens NO do I want to keep DH off the XBox! It's a loveseat, and not the most comfortable. But, it is free, I won it, and for the moment it will do. I have lots of light, and, you might see, my kitty Phoenix to keep me company most of the time:

I have all of these books in one place, which is really important. No need to wander around the house looking for that A&P book. I also keep previous notes in ringbound folders to refer to come NCLEX. Oh, yeah, I also have my creative stuff here too. It allows me the moments of procastination to go to "pretty glass land" when I just have had enough of pulmonary artery wedge pressures, CVP's, MAP's, etc (can you tell what the latest lecture has been on?!)

I have found it so important to map out your little territory in order to maintain your study habits and retain information. So, this is my example.

FAQ's: "So, you live in FL, where's your air conditioner?" I am working on this one. In the meantime, I have a vent hood system over my glass area which draws out much of the hot air, It is shaded under a huge Live Oak tree, and I have a little fan...

"Where can I get something like this?" We bought this shed and finished it ourselves. Locally, the manufacturer is Ted's Sheds. They are cute, aren't they? Just not as cute and more stressful being craned over the top of the house.

"You live in FL, what about hurricanes?" eek. Ernesto looms. We have lots and lots of rubbermaids. I pack all essentials (glass rods, books, trophies) into them, they come in the house in the designated corner of the dining room. All nonessentials IN the yard go into the studio. One day I am afraid a large limb from the oak will come down on the studio. But, we have to think positively now. We had to pack ike this 2 years ago with our hurricane triad. Oh, yeah, and the cat comes in, too...