Thursday, June 08, 2006


In psych lab the other day I took the stressor test.
Not to be competitive, but I was high number in the class.
The average number was around 200. I was over 500. A high 500.

Yes, I am an A-Type personality, and most of my life I have been under more stress than the average person (so I have a higher tolerance.) But, here is a summary of some things that have happened to me in the past year, and my reflections of the moment:

  • loss of family member (6/2005: brother in law committed suicide, last year also had to put my cat to sleep because of a health issue)
  • change in income (well, duh, from professional bowler to student)
  • change in sleep patterns (work: changed from nights to days, school studying)
  • change in exercise level
  • health problems of family member (mother in law, husband)
  • current worries: today:possible health problems with new cat, will find out later today, Psych test 2:3, Pharmacology midterm in 1.5 weeks, bowling tournament and travelling next week for 3 days, getting family through 1-year crisis of brother in law loss last year

Things I don't worry about anymore (low priority) are: grass in yard is about mid-calf high, house hasn't been cleaned in a month, clean laundry piled in middle of dining room table, Several Ebay auction items piled, awaiting listing, little food in fridge, landscaping not done in yard, house projects like kitchen remodel still not done, bedroom drywall not finished, bare light bulbs illuminate each room from the ceiling, windows and frames need replacing (termite damage pre-move-in

My Psych instructor asked me what I do to get through each day. I try to meditate (in the studio:my oasis. Not much glass art being done there these days but a great place to study when husband is playing Outfit on XBox Live. I try to keep the main areas in my life organized-my areas: my desk, my studio, my makeup drawer, my bureau. I try to exercise a little each day. I started drinking various teas. I am taking flower essences. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and little lights every day. Am I the ehalthiest I can be: certainly not. If I had a lot less going on in my life I might be retaining more nursing information. I piece it out and decide what can be purged at the moment. As long as no other crises occur, I can fend off midterm meltdown without and Effexor! LOL!