Thursday, January 12, 2006

Book Bag dillema..

Need to bring books to class. Mammoth books. Do I need them all, all of the time? Oh my god, I hope not!

Current book status:
18" in thickness of just required texts, piled high next the already-full bookcase in the living room
weight of books: (yes, I did this, just for you,) 58lbs.
Cost of books: priceless (or see below in first post)

Which would be better, the rollie-backpackie bag, the pilot's case (AKA catalog case) on wheels? Need to have something water-resistant in this FL weather. I do not want to spend more than $70 on something. Needs also have room for a few pens, note cards, files, etc. Obviously from the weight I am looking at, it needs to be durable. I also think it would be easier for it to open just from the top, next to the desk I am working at.

Too many decisions. Not enough time....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First Week for the Newbie

Welcome! My Name is Kimberly. I am a recovering professional athlete making it in the real world now as a full time RN student, full time ED Tech/Paramedic, full time wife of my wonderful husband of 10 years Tommy (who is also a paramedic.)

We live in Cocoa Florida. Space coast. Home of sun, space shuttles,Ron Jon's, and 2 stop lights from Disney.

Well, actually I am in the RN transition program for LPN's or Paramedic. I am of the second group. I have only one year, or thereabouts, to get my RN (ADN).

So, how'zit so far? The faculty is REEALLLLY organized. I can only hope I can stay on track as being the same.

My medical background consists of A:volunteer at local hospital ER, B:EMT-B School, C:Paramedic School, D: WORK in the ER as an EMT/Tech. Period. Since the end of 2003. There are 20-year medics in my class, and 30-year RN's teaching. Kimberly, repeat...."Though shallt be a sponge, though shallt be a sponge."

We are hit from several angles all at once. Thank god I had my flack jacket on. $800 in textbooks, online registration, online chats and discussion questions to answer, about 200 pages to read this week alone, $100 in uniforms, another $100 in uniforms (well, I like to shop.) Oh, yeah, throw in a Powerpoint presentation on heirarchy of needs by 2 weeks from now, first test, aaand I was elected group leader for the online discussions. I am taking an ethics class online with another school, too. I Dropped Chemistry I yesterday when I realized the 2 Christmas trees were still up, the grass continues to grow, and I intend on really understanding material passed to me, not just sifting through for a triage-able group of facts.

More to come. My creativity is lost in things like blogs for the moment. It's all I have time for. I used to make glass beads on a torch. The studio is temporarily changed into a study area and home to my stray cat Phoenix.

Why blog? #1: It's not my first. #2: I need an outlet. #3 I might inspire or scare other students, ex-fans from my sports career...and I like that (disturbing, yes.) I also like the challenge of getting attention from blog readers of the other hundreds of blogs by nurses or students.

So, I am off. Running as fast as I can. Thus the blog name.