Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Do you remember your dreams? I have been lately. I guess I haven't been getting very restful sleep if this is the case. Early in my life, I was told to write down my dreams when I awoke. Crazy people-there is no way I am turning on a light, waking myself up that much to write out my dreams! So, here are some tidbits and my interpretation of them. Maybe you can comment with your own interpretations?
  • Walter Ray and Paige (#1bowler in the world and his wife) keep buying me clothing=stress over practice time before bowling Nationals are here in June
  • My patient has some type of oinhdvvng disease, and I try to look it up and cannot find any of my textbooks to help him= "Will I be a good nurse?"
  • Trying to maneuver my way through East Longmeadow, MA hometown now that it has been built up more since I last saw it = refer to my day while on vacation where I discovered Google Earth (very cool)
  • Glass artist Jeff Zimmerman and I argue over his "bowling pin" type glass figurines-I first did these figurines in glass (but smaller, for pendants) on the torch waaay back in 2001, so he is infringing on copying my work= Maybe I need some time for making my glass art again?