Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Catching up..

Finished this semester's clinicals yesterday, and spent the morning putting the finishing touches on the MOST AWESOME CARE PLANS this side of the Mississippi!

So, I now venture onto this week's topic for Monday's theory...taa daa... reproduction. Acid Base was this week, and I actually have a firm grasp on it, seeing as we spent endless hours on it in Paramedic school (and our instructors were both medics and RN's.) The only thing that slightly eludes me is the whole "partial compensation" thingy.

Today I play catchup. Move old programs and data from the laptop of 4 years to the new Dell Desktop my hubby surprised me with a few weeks ago. Moving data to our Tungsten T5's. So here is the entire catchup:

clean laundry off dining room table

South Park characters of out

group discussion out

register for statyistics for Summer semester

iTunes format onto new computer

iTunes format onto 60G Ipod

iTunes Podcasts (which include a few nursing podcasts...Monica)

iTunes audiobooks download=spend money

catch up on personal email

water plants in yard

install new hose for watering plants in yard

check Blackboard imail to see if anyone responded to my test arguments from Monday

(they didn't)

listen to Maag Nursing on iPod

listen to Iris Dementhe "Our Town" via iPod

listen to Eva Cassidy "Fields of Gold" via iPod...cry a little

study 5 chapters & notes for Reproduction Monday lecture

call student for scheduled bowling lesson Thursday afternoon

do a few dosage calculations ....cry a little

read favorite blogs

join hubby for wine and XBox 360.

There ya go.