Friday, August 04, 2006

To all my bowling supporters...

Thanks for the emails regarding the latest , well, I really don't know what to call it. I am recovering from being relatively upset about the whole ordeal.

There is so little to compete in as a (forced-into-retirement)professional bowler, and that being a full time SN an paramedic working 24 hours a week. The one "Big Tournament" ealrier this year I had to (once again) miss due to my school obligations.

So, I guess those in the bowling world assume I am fully retired. That I am not interested in competing anymore. Far from it. Given some time to prepare and get back into fighting shape," I love the point of execution. I love the teaching...passing on my knowledge. What I don't love is the politics of bowling. At no time has any part of the bowling world seemed united.

So, then hearing of a great opportunity earlier this year, I was awaiting to hear the call to come & play in LV, NV the end of August. Today, I had to hear about me NOT going from stranger on a discussion forum. Not even from the tournament promoter who I had so excitedly shared in his enthusiasm to create this event. Not even from my ex-boss at (the "Big Ball Company Sponsor".)

Not fun. So, again, thanks for your emails and your support. Yes, I should be there. Yes, I feel as though once again I am in limbo. (My medical friends wonder, I still DO that bowling thing? And my bowling friends want to know why I don't have more time to even bowl league right now.) Why am I writing this here instead of HERE. Well, because my bowling friends know of this little blog home of mine already, and it keeps the riff raff away from figuring out too much of my state of mind. Besides, it is school vacation, so this is my break also from blogging so much "schoolie" stuff.

May of '07 can't come quick enough...graduate, NCLEX, then 36hours a week of something substantial....and some time to get back to another part of my life which I love. And, which I haven't forgotten.....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I really DO suck at math...

So, I go to my online school resource to check my OB grade again. Seems as though I wanted to stare at a train wreck a bit more and lament. And, there it was. an "86". So, my calculations were ALL off! So, how is it I got a 100% on my dosage calculation final?!

16 days

Of Freedom!!!

So, I took the dreaded OB final today. Walked out like I did test one. "For sure I definitely got a B, but maybe an A." Grades just posted a few hours later, and I got a 79 on the final. Quick! figure out the weighted test grades, projects, etc.....and...I got a 77 in the class=C. Bummer. This is my lowest grade in a while. I think the lowest of my most recent foray into college. But, then again, I have no babies, and intend on not having babies any time soon. That'll mess the the ol'GPA a bit.

But, I have 16 days OFFFFFFFFF....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One More day

Studying OB for my final tomorrow.

Fetal circulation. heart defects in infants. Acyanotic vs. cyanotic. On and On. Did I mention OB is not my favorite, nor my specialty?

One more day. One more day. Then it is yardwork, organization (just in time for Chris to blow it all around, I am sure,) a little bit 'o beer, sleeping past 0600, make some glass beads in my studio, play with the new cell phone(Verizon "chocoloate" Yaay!), add some photos to my Flickr account. Maybe even play with the digital camera. Photoshop. Await Floyd news.


Miss you Sparky. (1/10/89-8/1/03)


Monday, July 31, 2006


Pharm theory final today...I did not stay for the review to try and figure out my grade, I just got out of there, headed home, and tried to divert my attention onto more important things...R&R! So, tomorrow I should know. I think I got an 'A", but we will see.

New updates: ANOTHER scholarship dropped into my lap, this time through school. It will cover my tuition, books & uniform for the rest of nursing school. Thank you, so now I believe I might be saying "no" to my other scholarship at Hospital "A" for the no-strings one now in front of me. Not 100% decided yet, though. I cannot believe my luck. Ya know, when something is right, sometimes you do not have to fight tooth and nail for it? This is the feeling I have for the moment.

Spent the afternoon with my DH at the movies and just spending time together...a welcome opportunity. Tomorrow I have to study a bit for my OB final, and then it is a total of 16 days of freedom from school....the most since I began in January. jeez, it has felt more like a couple of years, intensity scale-wise!