Friday, July 07, 2006


There is an issue I hope to share online at some point that arose with our nursing class regarding academic dishonesty. For the moment, though, I must refrain from commenting any more on it. But, some questions to pose in the "out there" land of lurkers:

Do you thinking nursing students, as a whole, may be dishonest academically? If so, why?

I would think that dishonesty would be more prevalent with the hybrid classes...those classses which have components online.

Also, what are your thoughts regarding the internet being "public domain", meaning...once it is "out there," it is out there for the taling?

What online source does your school use? We use BlackBoard.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Where I Have Been

OB/GYN started for Summer B Class. I am not a baby person. I have held only a handful of infants, let alone newborns! I have seen one birth, and she was rushed to emergency surgery. I have seen 2 C-Sections. All 3 births occurred in clinicals, so none were family. So this is all new territory for me. I have no children, and we are thinking late in this game (I am 38) that we might adopt if we ever have

I did my normal thing for me: that is when it is new territory, I procrastinate with the studying. You've got to drag me along awhile so I can get my feet under me. My OB clinicals begin next week.

Pharmacology is motoring along. We have a new instructor for the second half of the semester, so it is a matter of learning where her stress points are in her lectures as to what is on our final.

I cut my ties with Statistics yesterday: I received a "W", which is withdraw, and does not affect my GPA. It was too much, and was falling to the bottom of the studying pile. I will attempt it again maybe next Spring.

I am also now official 2nd VP of our SNA as well, which means weekly meetings and other projects.

This is where I have been....