Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another Reason Why I am Becoming a Nurse

September 11th, 2001

There is more to this story, which I will save for another time.

Here is a quote from an article in USA Today about Shanksville, PA, the Flight 93 Memorial site:

"When you stand on the memorial's hilltop and listen to the flags snapping in
the wind, you can't help but have a sense of that horrible day and how it
hit small-town America," says Vadhan, of Long Island, N.Y. And at the same
time, as they were in the traumatic aftermath of the crash, "those rolling
hills and sense of tranquility are an answer to our prayers." See the entire
story HERE

In the Summer, 2003, my husband and I visited. Everyone leaves something, and at the very least, a piece of their hearts. I found a Sharpie and my USA plastic bowling ball I used to make my spares. I left a message on it. There were wedding bands, mining caps, flags, badges....the most personal of things. Not any stone in the parking lot escaped a message on it. Every week they clean off the chain link fence, and the collection starts over. Apparently word from the volunteers is that everything is saved in storage facilities for possible entrance into the permanent museum display someday. In 2003 he said they had over 300 filled storage lockers.

I don't think I can go see the movie in the theater. I can't get enough Kleenex into my purse. I will wait for the DVD..

Here are a few of my personal photos from my day there:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Springtime In Florida

How can anyone think of studying for a nursing final when it is 75 and not a cloud in the sky? The birds are chirping...aaah.This is where I WANT to be...on my pink Vespa GT200, cruising down Indian River Drive, onto old Downtown Cocoa, where I would eat a flatbread at Ossorios, buy a little eclectic outfit at Mango's, drink cappucino, maybe check out the latest beads at Tatanka Beads, then scooter on back, where I would make some beads in my studio and watch the sunset.

Now, I have had my moment. Back to "Life Span, Health Promotion, Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infancy" (Grodner.) Make some notes and move on. This day I describe will come soon, but not today. Today is sitting in front of my computer, staring at IM depths, Nutrition, Med/Surg, Preop/Postop care, and all the other areas we covered this semester. And to think, next semester there is something entirely new to learn.

Can't think about this now. I am going to open all of my windows.....