Thursday, January 19, 2006

I was Clara

We have been asked in class to recall why it is exactly we want to become nurses. I believe it is to act as a touchstone during the hell moments that are to come for us!

I have my own story, but another memory surfaced during this process, and it had to do with Clara Barton. 1976, there was a giant 4th of July Parade in my town. I was 9, and it was our "job" as children of the town to walk in the parade in some type of historical garb. I chose (and I don't recall why...maybe I had just read something about her) Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross.

My mother, bless her heart, had no real sewing skills. She was forced into a month-long struggle with a sewing machine passed down from her mother to create a suitable costume. I learned some new voacbulary while sitting alongside of her during this. I also learned how to "run away when things got too hot," as they often did with this project. So, the costume made, I walked proudly in the parade. This was the costume I had in my mind....something with an 1800's feel. The bottom photo is more similar to what was made-kinda with a 70's look to it. Well, it had a little red cross on it, at least. The fabric was a lesser expensive cotton blend. 4th of July rolled around, and it turned out being one of the hottest 4ths in current memory. I sweat for 5 miles of walking while my father walked with us, using a mister to hose us down every few hundred yards. My first "nursing memory."

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On my way through the nursing home I met Decubiti....

It is still all so new to me. But, somehow, I believe looking at a patient with something like this affords me to thank god I am healthy. And it will not ever get old. We spent some time in lab yesterday with our "butt models" with varying stages of pressure sores. Here's a fine photo I found to add some color to my illustration:
And, this is just a tiny one, just to give you the idea (even though it really isn't a pressure sore, this is what they look like, AND they can go all the way to the bone=Stage 4.

We learned dressing techniques as well. I think we also learned a bit of respect of our elders and to treat them with gentleness and give them as much attention as we can. Their lives (their skin as an example) and our lives, are fragile indeed.....

PS: And, no, I never had anything that looked like this on my bowling hand in my previous life, either. Although some of my competitors had some awful grips..This is a Brown Recluse Spider bite. Yes, they are in my backyard. Oh how I love Florida. It comes with the territory.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Holiday=Study Day

I will enthusiastically state today is the day I finish both last week's and this week's reading (and maybe get some of next week reading done as well! Amazing amount of pages and chapters the next few weeks.

A small diversion: here is one of my favorite things: My Christmas newly-painted Vespa GT.....aah to be on the open road without any reading to do (FOCUS WOMAN!)